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Marriage & Family

Our MARRIAGE & FAMILY PROBLEMS PROFILE is an adjunct to the therapeutic process and is designed to help psychiatrists, other physicians, and licensed mental health professionalsto identify problems of patients with marital or family problems.

The MARRIAGE & FAMILY PROBLEMS PROFILE provides an insight into the patient’s subconscious mind, and uncovers problem areas beyond the patient’s awareness. The profile consists of the Ruth Fry Symbolic Profile, the 9 Item Symbolic Profile, and the Family Profile.

Sections in our easy to read and user friendly guide book include:

  1. Introduction

  2. The Ruth Fry Symbolic Profile

  3. Sample Profile Sheets

  4. Picture Squares Information

  5. Sentence Completion Information

  6. Problem Areas Sheet Examples

  7. 9 Item Symbolic Profile Sample Cases

  8. The Family Portrait

  9. The 9 Item Symbolic Profile

  10. Sample 9 Item Symbolic Profile sheet

  11. Patient Profile sample

  12. Bibliography & References

Our profile package includes twenty copies of The Ruth Fry Profile, twenty copies of the 9 Item Symbolic Profile, and a copy of our easy to read and user-friendly manual to use in scoring and interpretation of the profile*. Cost: $150 + shipping, additional testing materials (no manual) available for $50 per 20

See our contact page for ordering information

*For an additional fee you can send us the profile for scoring and/or interpretation.

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