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Harm Potenial Profile

Our HARM POTENTIAL PROFILE is an adjunct to the therapeutic process and is designed to help psychiatrists, other physicians, and licensed mental health professionals to identify suicidal persons thinking of only killing themselves, and suicidal persons who are thinking of killing family members or others along with themselves.

The HARM POTENTIAL PROFILE, based on over sixty years of research and clinical studies, provides an insight into the patient’s subconscious mind, and uncovers problem areas beyond the patient’s awareness. The profile consists of the Ruth Fry Symbolic Profile and a Draw A Person and a Draw A Tree page.

Sections of the HARM POTENTIAL PROFILE include the following:

  1. Introduction

  2. How to Identify Suicidal Persons

  3. The Ruth Fry Symbolic Profile

  4. Symbolic Profile Sentence Completions

  5. Draw A Person and Draw A Tree Information

  6. Suicidal Ideation Indications Scale and Interpretation

  7. Potential of Harming or Killing others Check List

  8. Indications in the Person Drawing

  9. Indications in the Tree Drawing

  10. Danger to Others Scale and Interpretations

  11. Bibliography and References

Our profile kit includes our easy to read and utilize manual*, twenty Ruth Fry Symbolic Profiles, twenty 9 Item Symbolic Profiles, twenty Draw a Person sheets, and twenty Draw a Tree pages. Cost: $150 + shipping, additional testing materials (no manual) available for $50 per 20

See our contact page for ordering information

*For an additional fee you can send us the profile scoring and/or interpretation.

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